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Omaha Home Improvement Services


The same company you’ve trusted with your roof also offers professional home improvement services!

Roofing Contractor Omaha and Home Improvement in Omaha, Nebraska serves its customers with Quality and Value in mind, and has been since 1978. We provide unique design, quality craftsmanship and timely service that will leave you with a valuable end product and complete peace of mind.

Our Home Improvement Services Include:


• Siding
• Fences
• Sheds
• Gutters
• Basement Finishing, Design and Remodeling
• Kitchen and Bath Design and Remodeling
• Attic Insulation
• Window Replacement
• Deck Design and Installation

Home-Improvement-Spaced-PicketRoofing Contractor Omaha and Home Improvement brings more than 35 years of applicable experience and knowledge to every project. Because we are a family owned company, this expertise has been passed down through the years ensuring that we offer you the Quality and Value that Omaha has associated us with for decades. We are licensed and insured to work in the Omaha metro community, with state certification. With each project we service we provide itemized estimates detailing all products and services, showing you first-hand exactly what you can expect.

Roofing Contractor Omaha and Home Improvement pays close attention to detail to assure every job is a job well done. We use only premium quality products and materials that add value to your Omaha home. Roofing Contractor Omaha and Home Improvement employs factory trained, certified, and professional installers that understand our commitment to providing value and peace of mind. Finally, Roofing Contractor Omaha and Home Improvement in Omaha, Nebraska, equips our current customers with a 24-hour emergency support number to ensure that the value we offer them never falls short.